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Graphic Software can be grouped in two basic categories Professional and Office/Home software. There are huge differences in these two categories.

When producing artwork from Office/Home software, please be aware that to produce a piece of artwork for final print requires, high resolution images and true outlines of founts, images taken from web pages will inherently be of a dpi/resolution of 72 or lower, this is perfectly adequate for screen presentation or printing to a bubble-jet printer, but woefully inadequate for high resolution printing where images need to be 300 dpi at 100% of the output size.

Founts emboldened/italicised/underlined etc, using the "Bold, Italic or underline buttons" like the buttons in Microsoft Word, will not reproduce in high resolution unless you have the actual outlines for these options installed on your and subsequently our system.

With today's deadlines so tight, hand over of your electronic artwork to our studio is of paramount importance for the successful completion of a job. If you are at all unsure as to how your artwork will reproduce, contact the studio via e-mail or telephone (see contacts page). We will be only too happy to help.

The following are a few other pointers to assist in avoiding unnecessary delays at these critical times.

  • Always accompany electronic artwork with hard copy laser proofs.
  • When artwork involves pictures or more complicated colour printing, we suggest mono laser separations are supplied with the electronic files.
  • All page make-up files should be accompanied by the hi-res images (300dpi,cmyk) images, or pictures/transparencies to be scanned, together with every screen and printer font used in the publication.
  • Any logos/images in the format of EPS or TIFF files should also be supplied, making sure any special Pantone colours used are named accordingly.

We operate both PC and Macintosh platforms to handle incoming artwork, supporting the following up to date software:

  • Quark Express
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Pagemaker
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Corel Draw

In addition to handling Zip (100 and 250Mb) disks, CD's DVD's and 3.5" (1.4Mb) Floppy disks, we can also receive files by E-mail (up to 2Mb in size).


Size Millimetres

  • BO 1000 x 1414
  • B1 707 x 1000
  • B2 500 x 707
  • B3 353 x 500
  • B4 250 x 353
  • B5 176 x 250
  • A0 841 x 1189
  • A1 594 x 841
  • A2 420 x 594
  • A3 297 x 420
  • A4 210 x 297
  • A5 148 x 210
  • A6 105 x 148
  • SRAO 900 x 1280
  • SRA1 640 x 900
  • SRA2 450 x 640


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