Microsoft Publisher Service Provider Program (PSPP)

Somers Group are a PSPP accredited printer.

We can accept your publisher files for spot colour or 4 colour process printing. Please see the notes below about how to submit your files for commercial printing.

Media: We can accept your files on DVD, CD or Zip disc (100, 250 or 750Mb), or via e-mail at

We require either a PDF or hard copy output for reference. We will provide back to you either a PDF or hard copy proof (colour).

Files: Your publication should be saved into a Folder called Publication, This publication folder should also contain another folder named graphics. All graphics used in your publication must be saved into this folder.

Preparation of Files: You must first decide whether your publication will be printed using Spot colours or in 4 Colour Process.
Spot Colour: Ensure the colours you choose are from the Pantone colour Palette.
4 Colour Process: Ensure that the colours you choose are from the Pantone Process colour Palette, also ensure that all pictures and images are saved as 4 colour process and are not compressed (see images and associated files below).

Images and associated files: All images and associated files must be uncompressed i.e. Tiff format. Images for 4 colour printing must be in CMYK format. When building your publication save all the images you are using into the graphics folder and LINK these files to your publication.
If you do not have the capability or software to change the images from JPEG, RGB etc, we can do this for you as long as you save the images into the graphics folder and include it along with your other data on disk.

Images must be 300dpi at their final output size.
WARNING!!! Images taken from web pages will almost always be only 72dpi at output size so please note they will not produce to a printable standard unless they are linked at 25% or lower of their original size

If you require any help or information about commercial printing via Publisher you can download a PDF from Microsoft by CLICKING HERE. Alternatively you can telephone Mike or John in our studio on 01442 269201.